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iStock_000018179736LargeSignature Massage

Our most popular massage is a customized session tailored for your unique needs. It provides a blending of massage techniques, including Swedish, Reflexology and Deep Tissue, chosen based on an individualized assessment.

30 min 80
50 min 120
80 min 155

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Therapeutic deep tissue massage works to release the fascia binding tired, overused muscles. The firm pressure in this massage is perfect for our active guests and sports enthusiasts.

30 min 80
50 min 120
80 min 155

Hot Stone Massage

The strategic placement of heated basalt river rocks deeply penetrates and relaxes tired muscles, while gentle massage with the heated stones creates a wonderful, deeply soothing treatment for body and mind.

80 min 195

Spa Reflexology

This ancient technique works the whole body through key points and pressure on the hands and feet.

30 min 80
50 min 120

Swedish Relaxation Massage

This European technique combines long gentle strokes with light pressure, activating deep relaxation from head to toe.

30 min 70
50 min 105
80 min 135

Stars of Texas Couples Massage

50 min 240
80 min 310
massages for two in same room

Unwind with a luxurious, candlelit massage immersed in the light scent of Texas lavender. Calming sounds and touch transport you both to another place and time. The relaxation potential is as limitless as the stars in the night skies of Texas.


20 min. Hot Stone Enhancer 25

*enhancement performed during service

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